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addNote(int, int, long, long) - Method in MidiCategory
Add midi note in this group


beanAsk(def, def, null, null) - Method in GUIHelper
Ask parameters from a class
beginAt(long) - Method in HoleCategory
change the hole start


changeLength(long) - Method in HoleCategory
Change the length of the hole
changeTrack(Track) - Method in HoleCategory
Create a new Hole with the track given in parameter
ChooseFileFrame - Class in
Class for selecting a file, the action closure is launch after the file has been selected
ChooseFolderFrame - Class in
Class for ease the use of a window for selecting a folder
clear() - Method in TransformHelper
Clear Mapping for this transformation
compareTo(Drum) - Method in Drum
compareTo(Note) - Method in Note
countDistinctNotes() - Method in MidiCategory
Return a hash with all the notes and the count of each notes the notes are the keys, the values are the cardinality


doConvert() - Method in MidiTransformHelper
Launch the midi transform ...
Drum - Class in groovy.aprint.transform
dumpTransformation() - Method in TransformHelper
Dump the current transformation, in a hash containing track matching


equals(def) - Method in Note


filter(null) - Method in MidiCategory
Filter the collection with a specific filter
filterChannel(int) - Method in MidiCategory
Filter event in a channel and return only the events link to the channel passed in parameter
filterMidiTrack(int) - Method in MidiCategory
Filter events from a specific track, and return only the events in this track
filterNotes() - Method in MidiCategory
Filter the note in a midiEvent Group
find(null) - Method in ScaleHelper
find a track associated to a note (the note is given in parameter) the search is done wheter the note is associated to a specific RegisterSet (BASS, ACCOMPAGNMENT, MELODY ...)


generateGraph() - Method in VIZInstrumentGraphGenerator
Create the graph in graph viz format @return
getDrumTracks() - Method in ScaleHelper
alias for getPercussionTracks, for english people @return
getHelper() - Method in ScaleCategory
Create a scale helper @return
getNote() - Method in NoteCategory
Get the note from a String scription, the string is formatted as this : "C3" @return
getNotes() - Method in ScaleHelper
get Notes
getNoteTracks() - Method in ScaleHelper
get all the tracks containing a note definition
getPercussionTracks() - Method in ScaleHelper
get all the tracks containing a percussion (drum) definition
getRegisterTracks() - Method in ScaleHelper
get all the tracks containing registers definitions
getScale() - Method in ScaleHelper
Get the underlying scale
getTracks() - Method in ScaleHelper
get Tracks
GUIHelper - Class in
Helper class for creating GUI frames or interfaces


hashCode() - Method in Note
HoleCategory - Class in groovy.aprint.transform
Tools for hole manipulation, creating a new hole from a new start, a new length, or changing the track number


isDrum() - Method in Track
Return if the track is a drum @return
isNote() - Method in Track
return if the track is a note @return




listDistinctNotes() - Method in MidiCategory
List distinct notes from the midi files
listTracks() - Method in MidiCategory
List the tracks from the event group @return
load() - Method in MidiFileCategory
loadTransformation(def) - Method in TransformHelper
Load a transformation


map(null) - Method in MidiTransformHelper
assoc, - a hash containing a "notes" key associated with an array of notes, and a "tracks" keys associated to an array of track
map(Track[], Track[]) - Method in TransformHelper
create an association from the o tracks to the d track
mapDrum(Note, Track) - Method in MidiTransformHelper
Map a midi note not in channel 9, but handled for percussions, if one parameter is null an exception is raised.
mergeWith(MidiTransformHelper) - Method in MidiTransformHelper
Merge the transformation with the transform passed in parameter
MidiCategory - Class in groovy.aprint.midi
Helper Category for midi handling
MidiFileCategory - Class in groovy.aprint.midi
Helper for loading midi file from a file object
MidiTransformHelper - Class in groovy.aprint.midi
Helper class for transforming the midi files, by track associations
MidiTransformHelper(ScaleHelper, null) - Constructor in MidiTransformHelper
Constructor with the midi helper and event group
minus(int) - Method in Note
substract the number of subtones given in parameters


newLength(long) - Method in HoleCategory
Create a new Hole copy with a new time length
newTrack(Track) - Method in HoleCategory
Create a new Hole with the track given in parameter
newTs(long) - Method in HoleCategory
Create a new Hole copy with a new timestamp
Note - Class in groovy.aprint.transform
Note : Object representing a note, from midiCode
NoteCategory - Class in groovy.aprint.transform
This Category permit to transform a string in Note object
notes(null) - Method in ScaleHelper
get all the notes of a registerset


octaveM() - Method in Note
get a new note from the lower octave
octaveP() - Method in Note
get a new note with an upper octave


plus(int) - Method in Note
add the number of subtones given in parameters
propertyMissing(null) - Method in ScaleHelper




save(null) - Method in MidiCategory
Write the group to a midi file 0
ScaleCategory - Class in groovy.aprint.transform
This category add a .helper method on the scale object to create a scale helper
ScaleHelper - Class in groovy.aprint.transform
Class helper for finding tracks in the scale / instrument
ScaleHelper(null) - Constructor in ScaleHelper
show() - Method in ChooseFileFrame
Display the frame
show() - Method in ChooseFolderFrame
showFrame(null, null, null) - Method in GUIHelper
ShowFrame with a list of parameter, the parameters are listed vertically
showMessage(def) - Method in GUIHelper
function to show a message to the user


to(Note) - Method in Note
get a note range from this note to the parametrized note
to(int) - Method in Track
Create a track range, from the given track to the other one
toString() - Method in Note
toString() - Method in Track
Dump the object to a string
toString() - Method in TransformHelper
To String, display the current transform
Track - Class in groovy.aprint.transform
Track on an instrument scale, reference to a track, handling the track index and remember the origin scale
track(Note, null) - Method in ScaleHelper
get a note track in a specific register set, if the registerset is null, the method returns the first note encountered
n the note to find
@parameter registerSet the registerset in which finding the track, if null it ignore the registerset
tracks(Note[]) - Method in ScaleHelper
get all the tracks associated to notes in all registerset
tracksWithoutOctave(Note[]) - Method in ScaleHelper
Get All tracks associated to given notes, without octave match
trackWithoutOctave(Note, null) - Method in ScaleHelper
find a track in a register set independently of the octave
transform(null) - Method in TransformHelper
Transform the virtual book in an other virtual book, using this object configuration
transformFor(ScaleHelper) - Method in MidiCategory
Create Transform for Midi into VirtualBook conversion
transformFor(ScaleHelper) - Method in ScaleHelper
Create a transform helper to the scale helper given in parameter
TransformHelper - Class in groovy.aprint.transform
Transformation helper, help construct a mapping between 2 instruments and create a transformation on it
TransformHelper(null, null, boolean) - Constructor in TransformHelper



VIZInstrumentGraphGenerator - Class in groovy.aprint.analyze
Class for generating differential analysis on instruments






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